Online Coaching Instant-Hypnosis 2022 (English)

Sa, 1.1.2022 - Sa, 31.12.2022



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What to expect:

You want to learn the secrets of instant hypnosis? You would like to lead people into a deep trance within seconds? Individual coaching and tailored learning contents are important to you? And all this from the comfort of your home? Then an online coaching is exactly what you need!

Prior to the session we will discuss your knowledge level, your goals and personal requirements to agree on learning contents.

Please note that neither therapeutic hypnosis nor psychological healing and coaching methods are in scope of the online coaching. The addressed techniques are primarily ment to be used for entertainment and informational purposes, with emphasis on street and stage hypnosis.

Target Audience:

This coaching is useful for anybody interested in instant hypnosis. Previous knowledge is not required. OnetoOne Coaching richtet sich an alle, die Interesse an der Instant-Hypnose haben. Vorkenntnisse sind nicht erforderlich. Minimum age for participation is 18 years.

All coaching contents will be agreed prior to the session, based on participant’s prior knowledge, goals and requirements.

Possible themes include:

Instant Hypnosis Basics

  • Definition of hypnosis, reality cycle
  • Function and structure of inductions and suggestions
  • The correct setup to prepare for hypnosis
  • Suitable convincers for instant hypnosis
  • Deepening, fractionating, and ending hypnosis
  • Easy suggestions for all occasions
  • Health and safety

Advanced Hypnosis Techniques

  • Professional instant inductions (e.g. hanshake interrupt, postural sway)
  • Advanced suggestions for street and stage
  • reading people – the traffic light system for successful hypnosis
  • Utilizing disruptions
  • No Fail Protocol
  • Waking hypnosis, posthypnotic suggestions

HELIX – The DNA of Hypnosis

  • How does the subconcious work?
  • Involuntariness – the quintessence of hypnosis
  • The interaction of conviction, action and experience
  • Conviction and beliefs
  • Focus and specific trance
  • xperience and change
  • Jedi hypnosis without formal induction


To ensure best possible coaching results, the online coaching is restricted to one participant. Exceptions are possible with prior consent if previous knowledge and learning goals are compatible.

Please let me know your date preferences using the comments field below. I will then contact you to arrange a suitable coaching slot.


There are 100 seats available.

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Sa, 1.1.2022 - Sa, 31.12.2022
Online Coaching Instant-Hypnose 2022 Online Coaching Instant-Hypnose 2022
Sa, 1.1.2022 - Sa, 31.12.2022
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