Presentation at the UK Hypnosis Convention 2022

Fr, 11.11.2022 - So, 13.11.2022
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I'm proud and honoured to be chosen again as a presenter at UK's biggest professional Hypnosis Conference!

HELIX – The DNA of Hypnosis

A fresh view on hypnosis, suggestion and instant changes of perceived reality

HELIX is a new, holistic concept for hypnotic methods to alter the experienced reality. It can be used both in therapy and on stage.
Contents will be around:

  • Hypnosis – uncountable definitions and yet one commonality
  • Hypnotic suggestions and the feeling of involuntariness
  • HELIX – the interaction of conviction, action and experience
  • Changing reality by moving through the HELIX
  • Practical demonstrations of hypnotic effects and mode of operation


  • Convey a new perspective on hypnosis, which explains the functional relationships of hypnotic inductions, trance types and suggestions and simplifies their practical implementation
  • Evoke rapid and profound changes in experienced reality, beliefs and patterns of activity
  • Learn how to develop own hypnosis procedures using the HELIX framework

Objectives will be verified by hands-on practices (for all) and practical demonstrations, as well as a guide for implementing HELIX in everyone’s daily work as a hypnotist.

The UKHC 2022

  • International: Speakers and Presenters from around the World will offer their insight and expertise on all things relating to hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
  • Extensive: Three full days of informative lectures and pre and post convention workshops presented by experienced experts in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.
  • Inclusive: Our primary aim is to promote the profession and as a result are open and accessible to ALL hypnosis associations, training schools and individuals.
  • Informative: Offering an unparalleled opportunity in the UK to learn a broad range of methods and techniques taught by international experts

The main intention is to help progress the hypnosis related professions and expand the knowledge of all attendees. We provide a truly open and inclusive platform where everyone is welcome and everybody is encouraged to actively participate and engage with one another. The convention has proven to be an open, informal and friendly occasion, where everybody is equal and respectful of eachother and appreciative of different skill sets and views. The organiser does not seek to promote their own professional interests during the convention, but rather pushing the agenda of sharing knowledge and promoting hypnosis. Our popular dinner last year helped to encourage an atmosphere of friendliness and cooperation and due to demand there will be another Gala Dinner on the Saturday night.


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