Presentation at Hypno Summit 2022

Di, 13.12.2022 - So, 18.12.2022
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I’m so much looking forward to speaking at the

Hypno Summit 2022

(Dec 13th – 18th)

It is a free online event with over 25.000 participants, where you can learn how to unleash massive change for yourself and others at world’s leading conference on hypnotherapy.

My talk will be about HELIX – the DNA of Hypnosis.
I would like to convey a new perspective on hypnosis, which explains the functional relationships of hypnotic inductions, trance types and suggestions and simplifies their practical implementation. This allows us to evoke rapid and profound changes in experienced reality, one’s own beliefs and actions. HELIX can be used both in therapeutic work and in show hypnosis.

  • 25.000+ attendees
  • 80+ world-class presentations
  • 27+ countries
  • 6+ in-depth tracks

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